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The Snowball Effect

My original intent...



My original intent...

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My original intent was to post an intriguingly vague thought that made you ponder what prompted it. But you can't pass up a good Writer's Block. So, here's the main cause of my brief (yet surprisingly numerous) late-night blogs:

Boys (or guys, if you prefer and have also graduated to that status) need to decide what they're looking for. And communicate that. Don't get me wrong, a select few do. But the rest are jackasses 96.2% of the time and don't bother to care whether or not you're wasting your time on them. Tell me your intent. Really, it's not that difficult. It's really not. And it simplifies matters... infinitely.

And all hope of originality is out the window.

Goodnight, fellow livejournalists.

And I'm not so sure
If I'm sure of anything anymore.
Well this is the last night
That you'll be keeping secrets from me.
--The Blue Channel, Taking Back Sunday
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