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The Snowball Effect

may not happen in this particular instance





Skipped Back 10

May 20th, 2008

What type of music inspires you?
Anything raw, honest. I'm not big on songs based on stories, but rather, the emotions behind them. When a person is completely bare in front of you, completely open, it's one of the most beautiful things there are.

Writer's Block: Your Theme

If your daily life had a theme song, what would it be?
The No Seatbelt Song - Brand New

... Any educated Brand New fan could take a stab at why.


So I haven't been keeping up with this... as expected. :[

Nothing new, really, so there isn't much reason to write, unless, of course, I feel like boring the hell out of everyone who isn't reading this.

So technically, this week is the last week of school since A) I don't have to take any fjasdfoweirhsoefing finals!  and B) my last test of the year is Thursday! We finally found out that we got our TAKS exemptions, so that made my day yesterday when Bram told me.

Eh, nothing to talk about.... I'm getting bored writing this.

Come to me,
The only broken-hearted loser
You'll ever need

April 27th, 2008


As you well realize, my goal for the day was to write a single draft of the paper.
Yeah, no.
I'm only 850 works in, which means that I have another 650 to bs. Not my idea of a great night. What I did write was pretty good though. I have a full page dedicated to the legality of the issue, which is quite a marvel for me. (I have a bit of trouble with elaboration.)
I also discovered earlier this morning that my survey has been rendered obsolete since Bryan already has a curfew. Wow. I probably should have looked into that first, huh?
And I still have to conduct an interview. I figure that tomorrow during lunch, I'll simply go up to a police officer and ask if I can interview them. I tried looking for an e-mail address for the PD online, but I didn't see one, so I figured I might as well give up.

Still killing myself about APUSH. If I don't start soaking up that information, I'm going to die on the final next Sunday. And then die again on the actual AP Exam. Ek.

Luckily for me, we have TAKS tomorrow, which means that I'll have a few hours to read Catch and no real homework at night, so I can get straight to the paper when I get home. I don't know how I'm going to manage all of this, but I know I have to make it work.

Fade in, start the scene
Enter beautiful girl
But things are not what they seem
As we stand at the edge of the world.

-Self Conclusion, The Spill Canvas


In order to keep this baby alive, I'm not going to restrict my entries to the evenings only... hence this post.

Today's priorities:

-English research paper (Hopefully I'll produce a good draft or two.)
-APUSH mad studying (Outside, mind you. I got sunburnt yesterday, lines and all those fun things, and I'm determined to even it out before prom.)
-Catch 22 (I plan on reading the majority of it during TAKS week after the 5 minutes that it takes to finish. Oh, standardized testing.)
-Cleaning my room some more (The nagalicious madre has let up quite a bit, but I don't care to hear about it in the future.)
-Having fun in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

Unfortunately for me, I will probably only achieve the first bullet. And only one draft at that. History has been beating me down lately, and I'm fairly inclined to just give up, but I know I can't do that. This is what always happens; I have a lot to do, get stressed, and put it off so that I don't go completely out of my mind. Then, when I finally confront it, I have one week to finish everything. One week. I have to write a 1500 word research paper (worth 3 major grades), finish a 450 pg book, and memorize about 400 years of American history. Granted, I could probably just use Spark Notes for the book if it came down to it, but I'm never confident in my knowledge of the book when I have to resort to that.
I should probably ask to take Tuesday and Thursday off at work. It would open up seven potential hours of studying. However, they've started getting more strict as our department has grown, and I'm not sure that I'd be able to take off without consequence. On the other hand, I am working Saturday... dammit. Maybe I should find a replacement for Saturday. That's an extra eight hours... and all at once. It'll be hell to find someone to take over for me, but I'm sure there's someone out there who will take enough pity on me to cover for me.

I would do unspeakable things to get rid of this work load.
... Well, maybe not unspeakable, but highly shameful things. Highly shameful...

Angsty Brand New seems to sum it up:

This is a lesson in procrastination.
I kill myself because I'm so frustrated.
Every single second that I put it off
Means another lonely night I got to race the clock.

-Failure by Design, Brand New

Numero Uno

Consider this an experiment. No expectations, and certainly none of consistent posting. The more I try, the more advanced my failure, so we're not even going to consider that for the moment.
And now, I have to get to bed. All sorts of English (and possibly APUSH) self-inflicted, yet necessary, torture tomorrow. *cringe*
... I haven't been up this late in quite a while. I might just pass out in about a minute or so if I don't get offline, oh, let's say, now-ish.

Dear & the Headlights seem to be all the rage tonight:

Mother make me gold again again again again
I was pure and warm, innocent
And each of us were golden

-Mother Make Me Golden, Dear & the Headlights

PS: I hate this layout. My next move will be to get one that is infinitely better. :]
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